Indian Sweets

Sweet Moments Await: Pre-order for Any Celebration!

Elevate every occasion with our delightful sweets. From birthdays to weddings, pre-order now and customize your sweet symphony. Contact us to ensure your celebrations are filled with the perfect sweetness!

As the exclusive provider in Kamloops crafting fresh, in-house sweets, savor a unique symphony of flavors—from the classic Kaju Barfi to the luscious Besan Laddu, these delectable treats are just a call away!


Exclusive rates for Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) events. Contact us to add a touch of sweetness to your sacred celebrations!

Traditional Indian

Yellow Cham Cham
Milk Cake
Kashmiri Pede
Kajju Barfi
Jumbo Jalebi
Gulab Jamun
Besan Ladoo
Besan Barfi

Sweet Moments, Just a Call Away

Unique and Fusion

Regular Ladoo
Khoya Pinni
Coconut Rasgulla
Flaxseed Pinni
(Contains Nuts)
Coconut Gulab Jamun
Kaju Roll
Khoya Moong Dal Barfi

Sweet Moments, Just a Call Away

Nut and Milk Based

Pista Barfi
Phuga Barfi
Mootichoor Ladoo
Khoya Barfi
Green Coconut Kashmiri Barfi
Coconut Pista barfi
Coconut Barfi
Chocolate Barfi

Sweet Moments, Just a Call Away

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